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Athyrium - 'Ghost' (Japanese Painted Fern, Athyrium)

Type Fern, Deciduous
Form Spreading arching, Architectural Form
Size Medium Border Plant (50-180cm height)
Colours Light green Foliage
Care Some Maintenance Required
Hardiness Very hardy
Growth Medium Growing Plant
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Athyrium - Cultivation Notes

This clump forming diminuative fern requires a shady sheltered spot, being well suited to woodland planting. Prefering a fertile organice neutral to acid soil.

Strengths, Weaknesses & Design Usage

Strengths of Athyrium:

  • Architectural plant – ideal as a ‘stand out’ plant
  • Suitable for planting in full shade

Weaknesses of Athyrium

  • Will not tolerate exposed, cold or hot and sunny locations
  • Does not produce showy attractive flowers

Design & Plant Use for Athyrium:

  • Ideal for naturalistic woodland planting
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Common Missspellings: Atherium, Athirium, Atherium