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Shrubs with Light Green foliage

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EarmarkType & FormFlowers & Foliage
Ceratostigma willmottianum - Forest Blue - Plumbago, CeratostigmaCeratostigma willmottianum

'Forest Blue'

Plumbago, Ceratostigma
Shrub, Ground cover, Container-friendly, Spreading ground huggingLight blue flowers (Summer late), Light Green foliage
Leycesteria formosa - Linda - Himalayan HoneysuckleLeycesteria formosa


Himalayan Honeysuckle
Shrub, Container-friendly, Upright - ClumpRed flowers (Summer), Light Green foliage
Skimmia japonica - Humpty Dumpty - SkimmiaSkimmia japonica

'Humpty Dumpty'

Shrub, Ground cover, Container-friendly, Spreading archingWhite flowers (Spring, scented), Light Green foliage
Rhus typhina - Sumach, RhusRhus typhina

Sumach, Rhus
Tree, Shrub, Container-friendly, Rounded - TreeRed flowers (Spring), Light Green foliage
Ribes laurifolium - RibesRibes laurifolium

Shrub, Rounded - BushWhite flowers (Summer, scented), Light Green foliage
Salvia officinalis - SageSalvia officinalis

Shrub, Herbs, Ground cover, Culinary, Container-friendly, SpreadingLight blue flowers (Summer), Light Green foliage
Hebe albicans - HebeHebe albicans

Shrub, Ground cover, Container-friendly, Rounded - ClumpWhite flowers (Summer), Light Green foliage
Phlomis fruticosa - Jerusalem Sage, PhlomisPhlomis fruticosa

Jerusalem Sage, Phlomis
Shrub, Herbaceous Flowers, Ground cover, SpreadingYellow flowers (Summer), Light Green foliage
Berberis aristata - BerberisBerberis aristata

Shrub, Spreading archingYellow flowers (Summer), Light Green foliage
Philadelphus - Buckleys Quill - Mock Orange, PhiladelphusPhiladelphus

'Buckley's Quill'

Mock Orange, Philadelphus
Shrub, Ground cover, Spreading archingNon-flowering, Light Green foliage