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Ilex aquifolium (Holly)

Ilex aquifolium (Holly)

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Type Tree, Hedging & Screening, Evergreen
Form Taller Rounded Form
Size Small Tree (1.5 to 3m height)
Colours Medium green Foliage
Care Low/Easy Maintenance - Tough Plant
Hardiness Very hardy
Growth Slow Growing Plant
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Ilex aquifolium Description

This slow growing native will tolerate shade, mimicking its ability to grow under the tree canopy. It can be pruned to shape as a hedge or left to grow into small tree. However its scruffy form and dark shiny can make it difficult to place. 10m x 5m

Ilex aquifolium - Cultivation Notes

Holly prefers a well drained yet fertile soil in full sun / part shade. Most are hardy yet slow growing making an excellent evergreen hedge. Prune to shape in autumn.

Strengths, Weaknesses & Design Usage

Strengths of Ilex aquifolium:

  • Spiney growth can deter unwanted visitors!
  • Attracts wildlife to feed or nest
  • All round tough plant suitable for problem areas
  • Ideal for fast growing screening
  • Provides valuable winter interest
  • Evergreen foliage for all year round colour and screening
  • Fruit / berry producing
  • Attractive form or foliage for all year interest
  • Tolerates full sun and sandy, drought-prone soils
  • Tolerates cold exposed locations
  • Suitable for hedging or topiary
  • Tolerates heavy clay soils
  • Suitable for planting in full shade

Weaknesses of Ilex aquifolium

  • Spiney plant - can scratch young children and gardeners!
  • Does not produce showy attractive flowers

Design & Plant Use for Ilex aquifolium:

  • Spine bearing plant ideal for security hedge
  • Evergreen plant suitable for trimming to shape or topiary
  • Evergreen plant with attractive foliage for winter interest

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Common Missspellings: Eylex, Illex, Ilix, Illix, Illax, Illacks, Ilacks, Eylix