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Berberis lologensis - 'Apricot Queen' (Berberis)

Type Shrub (Multi-stemmed Plant), Evergreen, Flowering
Form Rounded Multi-Stemmed Bush
Size Large Border / Screening Plant (1.8 to 3m height)
Colours Apricot Flowers (Spring), Dark green Foliage
Care Low/Easy Maintenance - Tough Plant
Hardiness Very hardy, Drought Tolerant
Growth N/A
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Strengths, Weaknesses & Design Usage

Strengths of Berberis lologensis:

  • Sun loving drought tolerant plant
  • Spiney growth can deter unwanted visitors!
  • All round tough plant suitable for problem areas
  • Evergreen foliage for all year round colour and screening
  • Fruit / berry producing
  • Attractive form or foliage for all year interest
  • Tolerates full sun and sandy, drought-prone soils
  • Tolerates cold exposed locations

Weaknesses of Berberis lologensis

  • Spiney plant - can scratch young children and gardeners!
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Common Missspellings: Barbaris, Burbaris, Burburis

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