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Camassia leichtlinii - Alba (Bear's Grass, Camassia)

Type Herbaceous flower, Bulbs, Deciduous, Flowering
Form Upright Taller-Growing Clump, Architectural Form
Size Medium Border Plant (50-180cm height)
Colours White Flowers (Summer early), Medium green Foliage
Care Some Maintenance Required
Hardiness Very hardy
Growth Medium Growing Plant
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Camassia leichtlinii Description

This Camassia variety produces masses of attractive white flower spikes in late spring. The early impact of the bulb quickly fades after flowering making Camassia a good addition for early seasonal colour in herbaceous or mixed borders as part of successional planting.

Camassia leichtlinii - Cultivation Notes

Camassia is bulb planted perennial that returns year on year, being well suited to planting in drifts in beds or planted in masses and allowed to naturalise in spring meadow. Bulbs are planted in fertile well drained soil in the autumn (oct - dec) and flower the following spring, but potted specimens can be planted through the year. If planted in meadow the foliage must be allowed to die back so avoid cutting before July. Camassia cultivation is similar to that for the ornamental Allium group and bulbs are often planted together for spring and early summer impact. Camassia may also be planted in containers or pots.

Strengths, Weaknesses & Design Usage

Strengths of Camassia leichtlinii:

  • Architectural plant – ideal as a ‘stand out’ plant
  • Tolerates permanently wet soil

Design & Plant Use for Camassia leichtlinii:

  • Summer flowering herbaceous plant suitable for border planting
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