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Chaenomeles X Superba - 'Nicoline'

Type Shrub (Multi-stemmed Plant), Deciduous, Flowering
Form Rounded Multi-Stemmed Bush
Size Medium Border Plant (50-180cm height)
Colours Red Flowers (Spring), Medium green Foliage
Care Some Maintenance Required - Tough Plant
Hardiness Very hardy, Drought Tolerant
Growth Medium Growing Plant
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Chaenomeles X Superba - Cultivation Notes

This tough shrub will flourish in the worst of garden soils whether positioned in full sun or partial shade and is hardy to point of almost being un stoppable. But be warned - its scraggly habit means Quince needs pruning - spines or not! Trim to shape after flowering, reducing last years growth by half, only cut back old wood if becoming overgrown / leggy. Ideal as a wall shrub.

Strengths, Weaknesses & Design Usage

Strengths of Chaenomeles X Superba:
  • Sun loving drought tolerant plant
  • Spiney growth can deter unwanted visitors!
  • All round tough plant suitable for problem areas
  • Provides valuable winter interest
  • Fruit / berry producing
  • Tolerates full sun and sandy, drought-prone soils
  • Tolerates cold exposed locations
  • Tolerates heavy clay soils
Weaknesses of Chaenomeles X Superba
  • Invasive top growth
  • Spiney plant - can scratch young children and gardeners!
Design & Plant Use for Chaenomeles X Superba:
  • Ideal flowering shrub for problem clay soils

Common Missspellings: Chenomales, Chanomeles, Shanomelies,

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Chaenomeles X Superba - 'Nicoline'
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