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Herbaceous Flowers with Light Pink flowers

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EarmarkType & FormFlowers & Foliage
Argyranthemum - Powder Puff - Argyrantehmum, MargueriteArgyranthemum

'Powder Puff'

Argyrantehmum, Marguerite
Herbaceous Flowers, Container-friendly, Annual, Spreading archingLight pink flowers (Summer late), Medium Green foliage
Eremurus robustus - Foctail Lily, EremurusEremurus robustus

Foctail Lily, Eremurus
Herbaceous Flowers, Upright - ClumpLight pink flowers (Summer), Medium Green foliage
Crinum x powellii - CrinumCrinum x powellii'

Herbaceous Flowers, Container-friendly, Upright - ClumpLight pink flowers (Summer late, scented), Dark Green foliage
Allium karataviense - Alpine AlliumAllium karataviense

Alpine Allium
Herbaceous Flowers, Alpine, Container-friendly, SpikeyLight pink flowers (Summer early), Grey foliage
Aster lateriflorus - Horizontalis - AsterAster lateriflorus


Herbaceous Flowers, Spreading clumpLight pink flowers (Autumn), Medium Green foliage
Osteospermum - Tresco Pink - OsteospermumOsteospermum

'Tresco Pink'

Herbaceous Flowers, Container-friendly, Annual, SpreadingLight pink flowers (Summer), Medium Green foliage
Salvia X jamensis - Sierra San Antonio - SalviaSalvia X jamensis

'Sierra San Antonio'

Herbaceous Flowers, Container-friendly, Spreading archingLight pink flowers (Summer), Medium Green foliage
Gazania - Biddy Miller - GazaniaGazania

'Biddy Miller'

Herbaceous Flowers, Container-friendly, Spreading clumpLight pink flowers (Summer), Dark Green foliage
Astilbe - Elegans - Goatbeard, AstilbeAstilbe


Goatbeard, Astilbe
Herbaceous Flowers, Upright - ClumpLight pink flowers (Summer late), Light Green foliage
Hemerocallis - Catherine Woodberry - DaylilyHemerocallis

'Catherine Woodberry'

Herbaceous Flowers, Container-friendly, SpikeyLight pink flowers (Summer, scented), Medium Green foliage