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Abelia Plants

3 plants found in genus "Abelia"

Abelia is a genus of around 30 species of hardy and half hardy flowering shrubs. The genus is native to eastern Asia (Japan west to the Himalaya) and southern North America (Mexico). Abelias grow to 2 to 6 metres tall with species from warm climates being evergreen, and cooler climate species being deciduous. Leaves are ovate and glossy, being dark green in colour and held opposite on the stem. The flowers appear in the axis of the leaf and at stem ends, they are bell like and pendulous and coloured white through pink, bell-shaped and are commonly scented. Flowers repeat over a long and continuous period from late spring well into the winter.

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Latin &
Common Name
EarmarkType & FormFlowers & Foliage
Abelia X grandiflora - AbeliaAbelia X grandiflora

Shrub, Ground cover, Rounded - BushNon-flowering, Dark Green foliage
Abelia chinensis - AbeliaAbelia chinensis

Shrub, Hedging & Screening, Rounded - BushNon-flowering
Abelia grandiflora - Goldsport - AbeliaAbelia grandiflora


Shrub, Rounded - BushNon-flowering, Golden foliage

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