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Full Plant Finder

This plant finder will gather crucial information about your garden. Once you have completed it, FindMePlants will find you plants which perfectly suit your planting area and preferences.

Part 1: Surveying the planting area

In this part, all questions are set automatically to the most common answers. So if you're not sure then don't answer!

Soil Moisture
Soil Type
Soil ph
Light Levels
Garden Climate

Part 2: Plant Finder Design factors

If you are not bothered about certain choices in this section, then simply leave the relevant sections blank - FindMePlants will automatically skip that part of the search.

Plant Type

Size Limitations


Foliage Colour


Flower Colour

Flowering Period

Part 3: Search Filter

Here is your chance to weed out features you might want to avoid! Check the boxes of the features that you don't want.

Features to Exclude

That's it!

Remember, the more information you enter, the more specific the search becomes - so if your search doesn't give any results, try coming back to this page and removing one or two of your more "exotic" requirements!