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Arbutus Plants

1 plant found in genus "Arbutus"

The Arbutus genus of around 14 species of small trees / large shrubs which are compact and spreading in habit. These small shrubby trees are grown in the garden for their attractive form and foliage, as well a summer flowers and strawberry like fruit; thus the common name of strawberry tree. Arbutus has attractive fleshy dark green through red broad-leaved foliage that is evergreen. Arbutus is native to warm temperate regions of the Mediterranean, western Europe, and North America. It produces masses of white or pink flowers in loose, terminal clusters followed by fleshy, red through orange berries.

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Arbutus unedo - Strawberry TreeArbutus unedo

Strawberry Tree
Tree, Shrub, Rounded - TreeWhite flowers (Autumn), Medium Green foliage

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