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Buxus Plants

2 plants found in genus "Buxus"

The Buxus genus, commonly known as box, are native to western and southern Europe, southwest, parts of Asia, Africa, Madagascar, as well as the Americas. Only the European species are frost hardy, and this includes the common box Buxus sempervirens, which is native to the UK. Buxus is a very slow growing distinctive evergreen shrub / small tree. Evergreen dark green lance shaped leaves are tightly borne opposite on the stem. These leaves are leathery and tough and the plant responds very well to hard close pruning - making it ideal for topiary and tight pruning as a low hedge. Box grows naturally in the UK on chalky dry soils but will equally be happy on any good fertile soil or even in the restricted environment of a pot or container.

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Common Name
EarmarkType & FormFlowers & Foliage
Buxus sempervirens - ElegantissimaBuxus sempervirens

Shrub, Hedging & Screening, Container-friendly, Rounded - BushNon-flowering, Variegated Green-Gold foliage
Buxus sempervirens - BoxBuxus sempervirens

Shrub, Hedging & Screening, Container-friendly, Rounded - BushNon-flowering, Medium Green foliage

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