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Canna Plants

3 plants found in genus "Canna"

The Canna genus is an essential for foliage impact within any exotic or mixed border. Canna is loved for its colourful broad leaves and swift growth and impact, but Canna also produces colourful flower spikes in mid - late summer. Originating from the tropical / sub tropical America's Canna is not fully hardy and needs over wintering under cover in the UK. Foliage colour runs through vivid greens to hot and reds and yellows to purple and maroon and foliage is often stripped various colours. Canna can be grown on the patio in a pot or bedded in the border for a splash of mid border colour right through the season.

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Latin &
Common Name
EarmarkType & FormFlowers & Foliage
Canna verdi - Canna LilyCanna verdi

Canna Lily
Herbaceous Flowers, Grass, Container-friendly, Upright - ClumpNon-flowering, Purple foliage
Canna - Phasion - Canna LilyCanna


Canna Lily
Shrub, Herbaceous Flowers, FastigiateOrange flowers (Summer), Red foliage
Canna - Brighton Orange - Canna LilyCanna

'Brighton Orange'

Canna Lily
Herbaceous Flowers, Container-friendly, SpikeyOrange flowers (Summer late), Red foliage

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