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Ground Cover Plants with Red foliage

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Common Name
EarmarkType & FormFlowers & Foliage
Ligularia - Brit Marie Crawford - LigulariaLigularia

'Brit Marie Crawford'

Herbaceous Flowers, Ground cover, Upright - ClumpYellow flowers (Summer late), Red foliage
Sedum - Ruby Glow - Ice PlantSedum

'Ruby Glow'

Ice Plant
Herbaceous Flowers, Ground cover, Container-friendly, Rounded - ClumpRed flowers (Summer late), Red foliage
Helleborus X Sternii - Ashwood Strain - hybrid hellebore, HelleborusHelleborus X Sternii

'Ashwood Strain'

hybrid hellebore, Helleborus
Herbaceous Flowers, Ground cover, Rounded - ClumpDark pink flowers (Winter), Red foliage
Hebe - Mrs Winder - HebeHebe

'Mrs Winder'

Shrub, Ground cover, Container-friendly, Spreading archingViolet flowers (Summer early), Red foliage
Sedum kamtschaticum - Weihenstephane Gold - Kamchatka StonecropSedum kamtschaticum

'Weihenstephane Gold'

Kamchatka Stonecrop
Herbaceous Flowers, Ground cover, Alpine, Container-friendly, SpreadingNon-flowering, Red foliage
Nandina domestica - Fire Power - Dwarf secred bambooNandina domestica

'Fire Power'

Dwarf secred bamboo
Shrub, Ground cover, Container-friendly, Rounded - BushWhite flowers (Autumn), Red foliage
Gaultheria micronata - CrimsoniaGaultheria micronata

Shrub, Ground cover, Container-friendly, SpreadingRed flowers (Autumn), Red foliage