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Ceanothus - 'Blue Mound' (Californian Lilac, Ceanothus)

Type Shrub (Multi-stemmed Plant), Evergreen, Ground cover, Flowering
Form Spreading arching, Architectural Form
Size Medium Border Plant (50-180cm height)
Colours Dark blue Flowers (Summer), Dark green Foliage
Care Some Maintenance Required - Tough Plant
Hardiness Frost hardy, Drought Tolerant, Seaside Friendly
Growth Fast Growing Plant
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Ceanothus Description

This lowering growing Ceanothus is a dense growing evergreen shrub that bears masses of tight clusters of light blue flowers in spring / early summer. The spreading dense mound like form of this shrub makes it ideal as mass planted ground cover on poor dry soils. Dense dark green foliage is attractive all Year round. 1m tall by 2m spread.

Ceanothus - Cultivation Notes

Ceanothus will tolerate a wide range of soil types as long as they are well drained. For best results plant in a warm sheltered spot full sun and make best use of this tough plant by using it in hot dry problem spots where it will flourish in the poorest of soils. Ceanothus do not appreciate the cold or shade. Prune lightly to shape in early Spring.

Strengths, Weaknesses & Design Usage

Strengths of Ceanothus:

  • Sun loving drought tolerant plant
  • All round tough plant suitable for problem areas
  • Evergreen foliage for all year round colour and screening
  • Architectural plant – ideal as a ‘stand out’ plant
  • Suitable for exposed coastal planting
  • Tolerates full sun and sandy, drought-prone soils

Weaknesses of Ceanothus

  • Invasive top growth

Design & Plant Use for Ceanothus:

  • Summer flowering plant suitable for drift planting
  • Evergreen ground cover suitable for problematic dry soils in full sun

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Common Missspellings: Seanothus, Canothus, Seeanofus, Ceanofus, Ceanophus

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