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Parthenocissus henryana (Chinese Virginia Creeper, Parthenocissus)

Parthenocissus henryana (Chinese Virginia Creeper, Parthenocissus)
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Type Climber, Deciduous
Form Trailing / hanging
Size Climbing or Spreading Plant
Colours Dark green Foliage
Care Medium - high
Hardiness Frost hardy
Growth Medium Growing Plant
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Parthenocissus henryana Description

This smaller leaved Virginia creeper is a slower growing variant with a more attractive leaf, which is darker with distinctive silver veination. Henryana might be less hardy but it is also more manageable within the smaller garden, it also has excellent brillant red autumn colour.

Parthenocissus henryana - Cultivation Notes

This climber is less vigorous than it larger leaved cousins in the parthenocissus genus. Henryana will grow on most soils but is more demanding and generally less hardy, prefering a fertile well drained soil and being able to tolerate light shade. Plant in autumn or late spring with plenty of compost up against a wall or fence. Be ready for regular trimming once established and tie new growth into trellis or wires.

Strengths, Weaknesses & Design Usage

Strengths of Parthenocissus henryana:

  • Attractive autumn colour
  • Suitable for container growing
  • Tolerates heavy clay soils

Weaknesses of Parthenocissus henryana

  • Does not produce showy attractive flowers
  • Does not tolerate very dry or very wet soils

Design & Plant Use for Parthenocissus henryana:

  • Ideal for informal cottage garden style planting

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Common Missspellings: Parthensissus, Pathenocissus

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