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Plants And Shrubs For Very Wet Soil

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Latin &
Common Name
EarmarkType & FormFlowers & Foliage
Cornus alba - Aurea - Golden DogwoodCornus alba


Golden Dogwood
Shrub, Rounded - BushNon-flowering, Golden foliage
Rheum palmatum - Ornamental RhubarbRheum palmatum

Ornamental Rhubarb
Herbaceous Flowers, SpreadingRed flowers (Summer early), Red foliage
Ajuga reptans - Bugle, AjugaAjuga reptans

Bugle, Ajuga
Herbaceous Flowers, Ground cover, Container-friendly, Spreading ground huggingDark blue flowers (Spring), Purple foliage
Carex pendula - Weeping sedge, CarexCarex pendula

Weeping sedge, Carex
Herbaceous Flowers, Grass, SpikeyGreen flowers (Summer early), Dark Green foliage
Gunnera manicata - Gunnera, Giant RhubarbGunnera manicata

Gunnera, Giant Rhubarb
Herbaceous Flowers, Ground cover, Rounded - ClumpGreen flowers (Spring), Medium Green foliage
Tiarella - Spring Symphony - Foam Flower, TiarellaTiarella

'Spring Symphony'

Foam Flower, Tiarella
Herbaceous Flowers, SpreadingWhite flowers (Summer), Medium Green foliage
Inula magnifica - Giant FleabaneInula magnifica

Giant Fleabane
Herbaceous Flowers, Upright - ClumpYellow flowers (Summer late), Medium Green foliage
Cornus alba - Siberica - White Stemmed DogwoodCornus alba


White Stemmed Dogwood
Shrub, Rounded - Bush flowers, Variegated Green-Silver foliage
Dicentra - Langtrees - Bleeding heart, Dutchmans trousers, DicentraDicentra


Bleeding heart, Dutchman's trousers, Dicentra
Herbaceous Flowers, Ground cover, Container-friendly, Bulb, Spreading clumpWhite flowers (Summer early), Grey foliage
Dicentra spectabilis - Alba - Bleeding Heart, DicentraDicentra spectabilis


Bleeding Heart, Dicentra
Herbaceous Flowers, Rounded - ClumpRed flowers (Spring), Medium Green foliage