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Pyrus Plants

5 plants found in genus "Pyrus"

The Pyrus genus is perhaps better know as the pear family. However there is no need to think of this as a genus of fruiting trees, as there are several very attractive ornamental Pyrus that grow into attractive small to medium sized trees. The ornamental pears are very hardy and are grown for their attractive form, spring blossom and great autumn leaf colour. Many of the edible pears can also be very ornamental - especially if trained against a sunny wall. Pears will be happy in any fertile soils whether dry or wet, and can cope with an exposed planting location, but they do not tolerate shade.

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Latin &
Common Name
EarmarkType & FormFlowers & Foliage
Pyrus calleryana - Chanticleer - Ornamental PearPyrus calleryana


Ornamental Pear
Tree, EllipticalWhite flowers (Summer early), Medium Green foliage
Pyrus calleyana - FaurieiPyrus calleyana

Tree, EllipticalWhite flowers (Summer early), Medium Green foliage
Pyrus salicifolia - Pendula - Ornamental PearPyrus salicifolia


Ornamental Pear
Tree, Weeping - TreeWhite flowers (Summer early), Silver foliage
Pyrus - Black Worcester - Pyrus, PearPyrus

'Black Worcester'

Pyrus, Pear
Tree, Non-flowering
Pyrus elaeagnifolia - Kotschyana - Pyrus, PearPyrus elaeagnifolia


Pyrus, Pear
Tree, Non-flowering

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