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Climbers with scented blossom for training up walls or pergolas

Scented flowering climbing plants are limited to a few genus; most notably the scented roses and the climbing honeysuckles. But beware, not all species will produce the heady scent that we associate with these classic cottage plants – so best do your homework first in order to avoid disappointment.

The added bonus of providing scent for passers or anyone who has a window open on a summers eve dictates one basic rule when planting, that being if you don’t plant them where you can smell them, well, your missing a trick. Locate a scented climber where it can clamber up over a pergola; near a path is a good idea. Also consider a pot or bed where it can climb up a pergola or fence near a much used patio, or maybe scented climber can be trained into walls near a door or a window where scent can waft into the house.

For added impact why not plant alongside other less scented climbers and allow the two to inter-twine giving you a second show of blossom; also another good trick is to plant a scented climber against the trunk of a small tree. Rambling roses are especially good for this, as the rose will grow through the tree, providing a show of summer blossom and scent when your tree might be going through a boring phase.

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Latin &
Common Name
EarmarkType & FormFlowers & Foliage
Jasminum officinale - White JasmineJasminum officinale

White Jasmine
Shrub, Climber, Container-friendly, SpreadingWhite flowers (Summer, scented)
Rosa canina - Dog RoseRosa canina

Dog Rose
Climber, SpreadingDark pink flowers (Summer, scented)
Actinidia kolomiktaActinidia kolomikta Climber, Container-friendly, SpreadingWhite flowers (Summer)
Clematis armandii - Apple BlossomClematis armandii

'Apple Blossom'
Climber, SpreadingWhite flowers (Summer early, scented)
Lonicera X italicaLonicera X italica Climber, Container-friendly, SpreadingDark pink flowers (Summer, scented)
Rosa fruhlingsduftRosa fruhlingsduft Climber, Spreading flowers (, scented)
Wisteria floribunda - Black Dragon - WisteriaWisteria floribunda

'Black Dragon'

Climber, Spreading archingDark blue flowers (Summer early)
Lathyrus odoratus - Beaujolais - Sweet pea, LathyrusLathyrus odoratus


Sweet pea, Lathyrus
Herbaceous Flowers, Climber, Container-friendly, Annual/Bulb, SpreadingViolet flowers (Summer, scented)
Lonicera periclymenum - Serotina Florida - Honey  SuckleLonicera periclymenum

'Serotina Florida'

Honey Suckle
Climber, Container-friendly, SpreadingYellow flowers (Summer, scented)

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