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Shrubs that will flourish on well drained acid soils

There is a range of impressive shrubs that will tolerant acid soils, but there is a select few shrubs that will only grow on acid soils. Many of these shrubs produce outstanding and vivid blossom make anyone visiting your garden incredibly jealous because they probably won’t be able to grow it on their bog standard soil. Another advantage of having an acid soil is that you will tend to get richer autumn colours.

Acid soils are often well drained, so always dig in plenty of compost into the planting pit prior to planting, also use surface compost mulch and water in new plants.

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Latin &
Common Name
EarmarkType & FormFlowers & Foliage
Rhus typhina - Sumach, RhusRhus typhina

Sumach, Rhus
Tree, Shrub, Container-friendly, Rounded - TreeRed flowers (Spring)
Chaenomeles speciosa - Moerloosei - Japanese QuinceChaenomeles speciosa


Japanese Quince
Shrub, Rounded - BushDark pink flowers (Spring)
Hydrangea arborescens - AnnabelleHydrangea arborescens

Shrub, Container-friendly, Rounded - BushWhite flowers (Summer)
Rhododendron oreodoxa - FargesiiRhododendron oreodoxa

Shrub, Hedging & Screening, Container-friendly, Rounded - BushWhite flowers (Summer early)
Ribes speciosumRibes speciosum Shrub, Hedging & Screening, Rounded - BushRed flowers (Spring, scented)
Cistus incanus - CreticusCistus incanus

Shrub, Ground cover, Container-friendly, SpreadingDark pink flowers (Summer)
Embothrium lanceolatum - Norquinco - Chilean Fire BushEmbothrium lanceolatum


Chilean Fire Bush
Tree, Shrub, Red flowers (Summer early)
Leptospermum flavescens - Tea Tree, Manuka, LeptospermumLeptospermum flavescens

Tea Tree, Manuka, Leptospermum
Shrub, Container-friendly, Rounded - BushWhite flowers (Summer early)
Erica arborea - Alpina - Tree HeatherErica arborea


Tree Heather
Shrub, Ground cover, Alpine, Rounded - BushWhite flowers (Summer early)

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