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Trees that will flourish in wet and occasionally water logged soil

A range of tough trees will be quite happy on damp or permanently wet soils, in fact many trees and shrubs will positively flourish in wet soils and can improve the drainage of such soils in the long term as roots penetrate subsoil, improving drainage and sucking moisture out of the soil.

It is also sensible to stake and tie trees securely and always dig in plenty of compost and fertilizer into the planting pit to give young trees and shrubs a good start.

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Latin &
Common Name
EarmarkType & FormFlowers & Foliage
Amelanchier canadensis - Snowy MespilusAmelanchier canadensis

Snowy Mespilus
Tree, SpreadingWhite flowers (Spring)
Crataegus monogyna - Common HawthornCrataegus monogyna

Common Hawthorn
Tree, Hedging & Screening, Rounded - TreeWhite flowers (Spring, scented)
Fraxinus excelsior - AshFraxinus excelsior

Tree, Rounded - TreeNon-flowering
Salix caprea - Goat WillowSalix caprea

Goat Willow
Tree, Rounded - TreeWhite flowers (Winter)
Aronia arbutifolia - Red ChokeberryAronia arbutifolia

Red Chokeberry
Shrub, Rounded - BushWhite flowers (Spring)
Cornus sanguineaCornus sanguinea Shrub, Non-flowering
Sorbaria tomentosaSorbaria tomentosa Tree, Rounded - BushWhite flowers (Summer early)
Populus x canicans - Aurora - Variegated poplarPopulus x canicans


Variegated poplar
Tree, FastigiateNon-flowering
Metasequoia glyptostroboides - GoldrushMetasequoia glyptostroboides

Tree, Conical - TreeNon-flowering
Betula nigra - Paper  bark birchBetula nigra

Paper bark birch
Tree, Rounded - TreeNon-flowering

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