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Climbers with Dark Green foliage

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Common Name
EarmarkType & FormFlowers & Foliage
Parthenocissus henryana - Chinese Virginia Creeper, ParthenocissusParthenocissus henryana

Chinese Virginia Creeper, Parthenocissus
Climber, Container-friendly, Trailing / hangingNon-flowering, Dark Green foliage
Campsis radicans - Trumpet creeper, Trumpet vine, CampsisCampsis radicans

Trumpet creeper, Trumpet vine, Campsis
Climber, Ground cover, SpreadingRed flowers (Summer late), Dark Green foliage
Clematis armandii - Evergreen ClematisClematis armandii

Evergreen Clematis
Climber, SpreadingWhite flowers (Summer early, scented), Dark Green foliage
Parthenocissus tricuspidata - Boston Ivy, Japanese creeperParthenocissus tricuspidata

Boston Ivy, Japanese creeper
Climber, Spreading archingNon-flowering, Dark Green foliage
Jasminum nudiflorum - Winter JasmineJasminum nudiflorum

Winter Jasmine
Shrub, Climber, Ground cover, SpreadingYellow flowers (Winter, scented), Dark Green foliage
Trachelospermum jasminoides - Chinese Jasmine, Confererate JasmineTrachelospermum jasminoides

Chinese Jasmine, Confererate Jasmine
Climber, Spreading archingWhite flowers (Summer, scented), Dark Green foliage
Hedera helix - Ivy, HederaHedera helix

Ivy, Hedera
Climber, Ground cover, SpreadingNon-flowering, Dark Green foliage
Clematis - The Vagabond - ClematisClematis

'The Vagabond'

Climber, Container-friendly, Spreading archingViolet flowers (Summer early), Dark Green foliage
Fallopia baldschuanica - Russian Vine, FallopiaFallopia baldschuanica

Russian Vine, Fallopia
Climber, Spreading archingWhite flowers (Summer early), Dark Green foliage
Clematis - KaiuClematis

Climber, Spreading archingWhite flowers (Autumn), Dark Green foliage