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Acacia boormanii

Acacia boormanii

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Type Tree, Evergreen, Flowering
Form Compact Rounded Tree, Architectural Form
Size Medium Sized Tree (3 to 8m height)
Colours Yellow Flowers (Summer), Medium green Foliage
Care Regular Maintenance Required
Hardiness Half hardy, Seaside Friendly
Growth Fast Growing Plant
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Acacia boormanii - Cultivation Notes

This tender drought tolerant evergreen requires fertile well drained acid - neutral soil and a sheltered spot in full sun. Suitable for mild city or coastal planting. Restrict size by pruning hard annually and mulch in autumn / overwinter pots under glass

Strengths, Weaknesses & Design Usage

Strengths of Acacia boormanii:

  • Evergreen foliage for all year round colour and screening
  • Suitable for container growing
  • Architectural plant – ideal as a ‘stand out’ plant
  • Suitable for exposed coastal planting
  • Tolerates full sun and sandy, drought-prone soils

Weaknesses of Acacia boormanii

  • Invasive top growth
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Common Missspellings: Akacia, Acacea, Akacea, Achacea