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Trees with Light Green foliage

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EarmarkType & FormFlowers & Foliage
Paulownia tomentosa - Empress Tree, PaulowniaPaulownia tomentosa

Empress Tree, Paulownia
Tree, Rounded - TreeLilac flowers (Summer early), Light Green foliage
Rhus typhina - Sumach, RhusRhus typhina

Sumach, Rhus
Tree, Shrub, Container-friendly, Rounded - TreeRed flowers (Spring), Light Green foliage
Laurus nobilis - Angustifolia - Willow Leaf BayLaurus nobilis


Willow Leaf Bay
Tree, Shrub, Herbs, Hedging & Screening, Culinary, Container-friendly, Rounded - TreeNon-flowering, Light Green foliage
Taxodium ascendens - Nutans - Bald Cypress, TaxodiumTaxodium ascendens


Bald Cypress, Taxodium
Tree, Conifer, FastigiateNon-flowering, Light Green foliage
Larix decidua - European Larch, LarixLarix decidua

European Larch, Larix
Tree, Conifer, SpreadingNon-flowering, Light Green foliage
Cunninghamia lanceolata - Chinese FurCunninghamia lanceolata

Chinese Fur
Tree, Conifer, Conical - TreeNon-flowering, Light Green foliage
Betula lenta - Birch, BetulaBetula lenta

Birch, Betula
Tree, Rounded - TreeNon-flowering, Light Green foliage